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Shipping, Harbour, Marine, Environment. At the services of the Sea

Short Profile

Ocean was founded as a family business immediately after the second world war to operate in the maritime field. In 1980 turned into a limited company with share capital of 1.664 million of Euro and increased her activity in several fields.
Tripmare Company was founded in 1895 under the name Tripcovich also very well known as Shipping and Tug Salvage Company. 
Ocean Team currently employes more than 450 persons, including about 250 seamen with wide experience at sea.

1. Our Companies

Our Service

The Group incorporate a total of 18 companies and operates on a global basis. Ocean, and its affiliates companies are ISO 9001 certified. Headquarters location is in Trieste, Italy. Company’s strategic and operating branches located in Slovenia, Montenegro and Kazakhstan.

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2. Our Fleet

Our Approach

Currently operating 31 vessels and 10 barges and own a dedicated harbour facilities. The fleet operates under the Italy, Denmark, Germany, Kazakhstan flags. Through our subsidiaries in Slovenia and Montenegro we also operate vessels under Slovenia, Malta as well as Montenegro’s flag

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3. Our Activities

Get To Know Us

Ocean operates on a global basis where serves three core marine business sectors: oil and gas - offshore harbours

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